Use of more route targets cause of memory issue

I have seen most of time provisioning team create a vrf named internet and when ever the new internet provisioing of any client occurs at that time the route target of that client exported to the internet vrf. This is actual not a good design because everytime route targets are going to increase and every route target consumes 8 bytes of memory. So you can assume if you are having 100 number of internet customers and for each and every customer route target is exporting to the customer vrf in that case 100 route targets will attach to the default route which will cater 100*8=800 bytes of memory which is irrelevant. So the best design is that create a internet vrf with route target export 65500:100 and the same route target will be imported by each and every customer. In this case the you are carrying only one route target with each default route and saving lot of memory. This memory can be used for catering more customers.
The main reason to write this post is that I have seen when ever the number of route targets increase in the update and SP network is using multi vendor policies in that case you might face some issues. Till now I donot know how many route targets can be attached to an update. If you find do comment on this.


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