Trans Atlantic Gateway links are down

Given update is forwarded to us by Guru Prasad.

Kindly find the latest update from TATACOM.

Current Status:

This mail is in continuation to our earlier mails updating you on the network outage faced due to three cable systems, SMW4, SMW3 and FLAG being affected by seismic activity in the Mediterranean, 1861 KM from Alexandria Cable Station in Egypt towards the Palermo and Mazara landing stations in Italy.

Typically the restoration of traffic is done by restoring SMW3 on SMW4 and vice versa. Similarly capacity on FLAG is restored through SMW3. Considering the severity of impact we are not in a position to restore all traffic through the Cable Consortiums.

TATA is exploring all options to restore traffic through other cables between India to Singapore and India to Europe. This requires extensive coordination with various cable stations and cable administrations to create the additional routes and activate the capacity.

We have started to restore several circuits using our South East Asia to Japan systems and onward across the Pacific Ocean to the US and the UK. While our teams are working with all urgency to implement additional capacity, we do expect that these efforts will continue to take a considerable amount of time.

Complete repair and restoration of the underlying cable system faults, will take a considerable period of time.


SMW4 – As per latest updates from the consortium Cable ship Raymond Croze is expected to reach on cable ground at 17:00 UTC / 29th December, 2008 to attend to the fault identified 387.487 kms from Alexandria. We expect the repairs to be completed by 4th Jan 2009 subject to weather conditions on the seabed and the cable.

SMW3 – As per updates from the consortium Cable ship Teliri will be repairing the SMW3 S8.8 FP 2 cable fault after it completed the FLAG Segment D Fault scheduled to completed by 29th Dec 08.

Flag – Cable ship Teliri has been mobilized for repairs. We expect the repairs to be completed by 29th Dec 2009 subject to weather conditions on the seabed and the cable.

Kindly find the latest update from RCOM.

FEA Subsea Cable System of Reliance Globalcom has major failure on Segment D on 19 December 2008 at about 08:06 GMT.

The cable fault appears to be approximately 1892km from Alexandria [44.260km from Repeater 4 (R4) towards Repeater 3 (R3)].

Current status:

The final splicing activity is on at this time and COTDR testing will be commenced soon. The cable system is expected to be up by on or before 18:00 GMT 29 December 2008.


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