Do you think interviewer can judge technical knowledge of candidate in short duration of interview?

Last month I spent lot of time for interviewing the new candidates. The interview time was not more than 20 – 30 minutes for each candidate. The question comes; it’s very difficult to examine the candidate during that time period. Then how to get the best candidate for the applied position. I always look forward for the below mentioned point to judge the candidate:-
1. Always look for the basics.
2. Never jump into deep dive; Try to understand the answer from the candidate point of view.
3. If candidate is having good experience, then try to drill down his experience and listen to the problem faced during that time period and solutions proposed by candidate.
4. During the last minutes, I always try to put pressure on candidate and judge his analytical skills.
5. In the last 5 minutes; Give fast questions to candidate that will judge their thinking capabilities.
6. Where do you see your self after 5 years?
The same type of discussion is going on a and I captured few of the comments from the experts.


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