Cell Mode MPLS Over ATM – Manually Specify VPI/VCI Range

In my previous post, I have shown how to manually configure control VC at LC-ATM interface. In this post, we will see how we can manually configure the VPI/VCI in MPLS ATM networks. This is mainly used at that time when SP doesn’t want to add the individual entries at each time for customers. By using command “mpls atm vpi 10 vci-range 33-100”, we actually tell the router to use LVC for these VPI/VCI values. Encapsulation type will be used as MUX because these VPI/VCI values are used for MPLS datagram’s.

In the above out, still the control VC is using VPI 0 and VCI 32 because it is not changed. If you want to change the control VC values simply add the following command:-
“mpls atm control-vc 1 100”

Make sure both the commands are used in both ends.


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