QA Roadmap: Learn to become a modern QA engineer

At Devmountain, we look for students who can ask effective questions, spot flaws and contradictions, notice missing pieces. Somebody who can drill down and not be satisfied with the easy answer. A QA tester is specialized in having the customer mindset championing the customers and asking questions to make sure that everybody is on the same page and nothing is missed. Learn how CapitalT reduced hiring bias with online skills assessments.

how to learn Manual QA Engineer

You might begin as a QA junior tester before being entrusted with manual tests. Once you have proven yourself, you can move on to become a testing analyst or testing manager. QA manual testing is done end-to-end by a human QA manual tester. It is a very hands-on approach, with each test run individually.

How to Become a QA Engineer

Yet, when the asset launches to the world, it may have to handle hundreds of users at once. It compares performance on different user systems and puts the application under pressure to identify any bottlenecks or other concerns. A good QA engineer not only needs to be able to communicate but also listen to their development team, management, and stakeholders to ensure the successful launch of the product.

After experience as a QA engineer, professionals can move into a senior QA engineer role. From this point, roles like QA lead, QA manager or director of quality assurance are available. Before giving you my subjective advice, I would like to start with my experience switching from manual to automated testing. When I tried to analyze my experience, I realized that my path from manual to automatic engineering began not with a programming language, not with automation tools, but with motivation.

Do you need a Computer Science degree to become a QA engineer?

QA engineer candidates are also expected to obtain two or more years of experience in software development, software testing or similar roles. Knowledge of manual and automated software testing, testing analysis tools, product development and quality assurance tools and methodologies are recommended. After graduating to the position of a senior QA engineer, the next step would be to choose between a management stream or a technical stream. Test leaders or test managers usually have ten or more years of experience and are in charge of organizing the workload and assigning teams to specific tasks. The size of the teams they are responsible for depends on the amount of experience they have.

  • If you are looking for a company with which to grow your already demonstrated skills as a QA engineer than look no further.
  • We’ll make sure they have good test plans written out to show along with good automation on Github that they can show their prospective employers.
  • Another sign that a QA engineer is good at their job is if they have the ability to compromise and accept a software application that might not be perfect but functions well overall.
  • This assists with health issues, boosts morale and increases overall efficiency.


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