Why Create a Paid Newsletter in WordPress?

Why Create a Paid Newsletter in WordPress?

Paid email newsletters like Substack are becoming a very trendy and profitable way to make money online. They’re similar to standard email newsletters, but with exclusive premium content that’s sent to paying subscribers only.

A paid newsletter can be a standalone online business or another income source for your WordPress website. By creating your own paid email newsletter, you can directly profit off your writing while building a deep relationship with your readers.

However, using a service like Substack can get expensive. Substack takes 10% of all your profits, so you end up paying more and more over time.

By creating a paid newsletter on your WordPress site, you can avoid paying those high fees and keep more of your income for yourself.

The best thing about using WordPress is that it’s completely scalable and customizable, so you can choose to only invest in the features you need. For example, you could expand your offerings to include online courses, digital products, or whatever else you imagine.

Plus, using WordPress will give you more control over your newsletter design, subscriber experience, and more.

That being said, let’s show you how to create a paid newsletter in WordPress


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