Which programming language should I Start Learning for Automation?

Do I need to be programmer before learning Automation, SDN and NFV technologies: Gave a clear picture that you don’t need to be a programmer to learn these technologies? But knowledge of any basic scripting or programming language is always beneficial for carrier growth. Now the question arises which programming language to select out of the following:-

1. Python
2. XML
4. C/C++
5. Visual Basic
6. Perl
7. TCL
8. Ruby On Rails

Before the selection of any language we should understand that what the common among the languages are. As per my understanding, logic will remain be the same while implementing any of the languages. Secondly, all the languages have common understanding of defining variables, strings, functions, classes, inheritance, conditional statements, for and do-while loops, dictionaries, sockets, importing modules, file opening, error and exception handling. So it would be better if we first select any language and get the understanding of the basics functions. Once it is done, after that it would be very easy to become master in any of the language from understanding perspective. (Please mind that we are network engineers not programmers. The intent is to learn and understand the different puzzles with various buzz words and not to become master). Let the programming masters do their jobs. We will be helping them by extending the support.


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