Types Of BGP Tables

Till now we all believe that BGP is having only a single routing table where it used to store the routes and process for the best path calculation. But we all are mistaken here actually BGP maintains three table one for storing incoming routes from neighbours, one for sending the routes to neighbours and one for installing the routes where you actually find the routes with next-hop address. The tables are given below:-
a) Adj-RIB-in
b) Adj-RIB-out
c) Loc-RIB
Adj-RIB-in stores the unprocessed information received from its peers. Here the best path selection occurs as per BGP attributes and after conformation path is entered into the local bgp table i.e Loc-RIB. From the local RIB table it conform the next-hop address if it reachable by IGP then the route is entered into the main routing table.


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