Segment Routing Traffic Engineering

In my previous post of Segment Routing: Alternate of LDP and RSVP, already discussed about the advantages of using SR w.r.t LDP. The utmost advantage of using Segment Routing is to steer the traffic which is normally called “Traffic Engineering”.

In case of MPLS we called Traffic Engineering as MPLS-TE but in case of Segment Routing, it could be SR-TE (Segment Routing Traffic Engineering Tunnel. RSVP is required to build the MPLS-TE tunnels along with LDP but in Segment Routing, all you need is the Segment IDs only. It is free from heavy RSVP signaling.

There are different ways to create Segment Routing Traffic Engineering Tunnels:-
1. Manually Create SR-TE tunnel and explicitly define the path. This is equivalent to MPLS-TE tunnel and define explicitly path by giving the next hop addresses.


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