SeaMeWe-4 Undersea cable cut

Another undersea cable cut made Middle East limited access to internet. The main SeaMeWe-4 cable suffered a “shunt fault” and came into contact with sea water somewhere in the Mediterranean.
Fortunately, this dependence on SeaMeWe-4 will come to an end this year. The consultancy says that “five new cables are scheduled to enter service between Europe and Egypt in 2010. The first two, Telecom Egypt’s TE North cable and the IMEWE consortium cable, will enter service in May. Orascom’s MENA cable, the Europe India Gateway consortium cable, and Reliance’s FLAG Hawk cable are all expected to follow before year-end 2010.” Capacity will skyrocket, and the new cable will also bring helpful redundancy to the region.
Source:- Arctechnica


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