Project Management Training

Emerald Associates is a premium Oracle Primavera partner, offering complete list of certified Primavera training courses. The company is in the market since 1989 and has specialization in project management products. The products primarly focus on cost management,risk management and administration security. Now a new section of trainng has been added recently where in company will conduct trainings and train the customers according to their needs. This will lead to save cost of company in terms of project completion on time and proper resource allocation. According to the market needs company has launched three new trainings in various locations

1) Primavera training in USA
2) Primavera training in Canada
3) Primavera on-site/internal training

The courses provides the complete hands on training.

Primavera training in USA
Emerald Associates offers certified Project Risk Pertmaster training. The training s mainly targeted to Program Managers,Project Managers, Resource Managers. Risk managemnet is the leading part of any project managemnt. If the managers are not able to analyse the risk in the project then the outcomes will be weird which could not be accepted by any organisation.

Primavera training in Canada
This training mainly provides the planning and scheduling part of the project managment. This will help the managers how to start with planning phase with schedule algorithms. If the both are not consistent then create lot of problems in completion of projects.

Primavera on-site/internal training
In this type of training, users can go to emerland or ask them to come to their premises. This will save lot of cost from userend in terms of resources.
But this training is only available when the number of users are more, mainly more than 5.

The outcomes of the training are given below:-
How to create the project with activities and resources.
Scheduling of the project is mainly focussed.
Resource and Cost analysis.
Comparison between current and target cost.


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