Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)

Every organisation is in the race of expanding the network infrastructure with high availability of applications because of the rising demand of resources. Rising demand of high availability gives the birth to geographically dispersed data centers.

Maintain high availability, resiliency and scalability is one of the challenge during designing geographically dispersed data centers. To accomplish this network designers always look for layer 1, layer 2, layer 3 connectivity between the data centers. Layer 1 connectivity provides a dedicated fiber from one data center to another data center but the solution is only possible if both the locations are in same metro otherwise cost is one of the major constraint in case of geographically dispersed locations. Layer 2 connectivity is also one of the highly deployed solutions in case when the customers use storage connectivity over FCIP (Fiber Channel Over IP). Layer 2 connectivity can be accomplished by EoMPLS or L2VPN. The last one is Layer 3 solution which could purely be based on IP or MPLS cloud.

What does customer demand?
A customer always looks for economical, preeminent and optimizes solution. This is the responsibility of network consultant, designer or architect to provide the best solution according to the requirement. But in new era of technology customers are highly qualified and know what the solution available in market is. They always look for the layer 2 solution aka l2 which means to extend the lan (logical area network) to the remote data centre. This solution works fine in case of single location. But as the location grows; demand will change to extend the LAN to other locations consequence Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) need to be provisioned which has its own limitations.


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