Installing QEMU for JUNOS Integration

This post will cover the installation of JUNOS on PC. For JUNOS simulation, I am using OLIVE. Below are the steps required to get the installation done:-
1. Download QEMU and JQEMU for Windows and add JQEMU in QEMU folder. JQEMU is required because it provides windows driver for virtual intel nic card.
2. Download Open VPN to create TAP interface. This is required because we cannot upload the JUNOS image directly to QEMU. To achieve the task we need open vpn.
3. Download Free BSD image.
4. Download JUNOS operating system. I am using Jinstall-7.4r3.4-Domestic-Signed.tgz. This could be downloaded from here.
5. Download free 3CDaemon ftp server to upload JUNOS in QEMU.

Installation Process:-
1. Put the free BSD mini ISO image in QEMU directory.
2. Run depicted command from command prompt to create OLIVE image.
C:GNS-JUNOSqemu-0.9.0-windows>qemu-img.exe create olive.img -f qcow2 4G (4G means allocating 4Gb memory)


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