How does two different EVC communicate when using different encapsulation

In last post, ports are communicating with the same vlan encapsulation type. But how will the different encapsulation communicate with each other.
We know when we configure dot1q encapsulation on router’s port, it always remove the tag during ingress and add the tags during egress forwarding. If the router is configured with multiple sub-interfaces and every sub-interface is having different dot1q encapsulation; in that case the router always remove the vlan tags while ingress from one sub-interface and adds the tags during egress of that sub-interface. To perform this you must have router or layer 3 capable switch which could perform this. (Without Layer 3 device)
EVC architecture also works on the same mechanism, as per given configuration, both the service instances cannot communicate with each other as their encapsulation is different. One service instance is carrying 109 and other is carrying 110.


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