Fight Against Secuirty: Mumbai Attack

An unprecedented attack on Mumbai dated 26 November 2008 made by perpetual guys of age 20 – 25 years. The mission was planned in such manner so that it can go for long with maximum number of living being made dead. You will be weird to see such type nationalism post on service provider blog. Actually I am relating the Mumbai Issue with computer networks. We as Indian trying our level best to kill the terrorism from its roots but all in vein. Instead of killing terrorism we should march towards security. Still we are not learning from our mistakes and just because of this we are f*****. The same scenario is with computer network security; today we are not taking any type of precaution but what happens when attack comes on the network? Every time we face the problem and pledge that next time we will do our level best but after the completion of event we used to forget everything. Is this the right approach, “ask yourself”.
If you want to see the approach then tries to learn from Nation Security Guard (NSG). The approach followed by them is really splendid. Why I am commenting on their approach because they make a plan first of their target and who can be affected with that. Target is militants in case of computer networks target is virus or hacker & civilians are affected in case of computer networks simple data packets will be affected. So NSG decided to go via roof instead of ground floor because they know that the militants sitting on top storey can fire them easily and civilians will be affected. The same when we the network is hacked or behaving like hell try to think like cool never do the things in hurry which creates mesh for you ahead.
Another thing which we need to learn from NSG is patience. Why I am talking about patience because sometimes we lose our patience during network attacks & did the things blindly. So never do such type of mistakes during network attacks; tries to collect the data; I know at that time your network is on stake and you are stakeholder. But mind one thing if you are not able to get the roots, roots can be collected in terms of data then the same can be happened at any time and at time you will not have any work around. In this way may be a small problem will get in your nerves and let your network down for long or short time.
One thing which I liked the most i.e. behaviour of politicians which was totally different. Instead of blaming to each other which they used to do but this time they come up as a single group and with one word need to save India. Really very realistic & patriotic approach. We as network operators or service providers need to follow the same approach instead of saying that my network is secure and I have nothing to do with other networks.
Now the time has come we need to pull up the reins of security instead of fighting with terror or network attacks. If you checked the major incidents they happened just because of lack of security. So we need to design the security model in such a way so that the risk of terrorism or network attacks should be minimized. What we are facing today it is just because of our mistakes?
At last I would like to say one thing never fight against terror always try to fight against security and get it implemented as soon as possible without losing our beloved ones or computer data.


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