Eigrp adjacency issues with TLV

Approx 15 days back we changed the IOS of one of our PE 7200 router from 12.4(15)T to 12.4(22)T. After up gradation of IOS we faced weird problem of PE-CE eigrp. Every instant the eigrp neighbor comes up and goes to down. We collected the logs and forwarded to cisco. After few days cisco conforms that the IOS is having an eigrp bug in PE-CE. We changed the IOS & problem dissipate after up gradating to 12.4(11)T4.
Few days’ back one of my friend came up with the same problem but the ios used by them is other one. I don’t know the name of the IOS. He was also facing the same PE-CE eigrp fluctuation. But as per him ios had not been changed or upgraded. He booked case in cisco and got reply from cisco.

Cisco Reply: when sending 10.x.x.x prefixes, the PE happens to combine them in such way, that resulting packet length is always under 1500;
– when 192.168.x.x are added, there appears a combination of TLVs, which results in length less than 1560, but more than 1500 thus jamming the update transmission.
Is this really true or false ? Still looking for relevant reply or solution.


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