Difference Between MPLS and MPLS-TP

RFC 5654 is all about requirements of MPLS-TP. But what is the difference between MPLS and MPLS-TP and how operators can use MPLS-TP in lieu of legacy SDH/SONET networks.
1. MPLS requires a control plane protocol and but in case of MPLS-TP no control plane protocol is required. The reason for selecting no control plane protocol is only for the fast convergence and removing any kind of dependencies.
2. MPLS is uni directional where as MPLS-TP is bi-directional.
3. MPLS is having inband OAM where as in MPLS-TP out of band OAM is available.
4. No separation of control and data plane where as in MPLS-TP MUST support the logical separation of the control and management planes from the data plane
5. MPLS-TP 1+1 and 1:1 protection in a ring MUST support switching ime within 50 ms from the moment of fault detection in a network with a 16-node ring with less than 1200 km of fiber but in MPLS all dependent of IGP.


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