Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is a advanced distance vector routing protocol proprietary to CISCO. Highly valued for its ease of deployment and fast convergence, EIGRP is used in many large Enterprise networks. EIGRP maintains all of the advantages of distance-vector protocols and having good features set for selecting loop free paths too.

EIGRP scales effectively in a well-designed network and provides extremely quick convergence times with minimal network traffic. EIGRP advantages include:
• Consumes low network resources as compared to OSPF
• Transmits only partial updates not the full routing table
• Rapid convergence times for changes in the network topology

Deep dive to get better understanding of Cisco EIGRP DUAL Algorithm

What is Reported Distance?
As depicted in Figure 1, A has three directly connected neighbors to reach E. The distance reported by A’s neigbors to reach E is known as Reported Distance. So A has three reported distance from it’s neighbors as below mentioned:-
• B can reach E with a cost of 10
• C can reach E with a cost of 10
• D can reach E with a cost of 30


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