10 Top Remote Jobs for College Students

Web designers are graphic designers who specialize in websites and often help digital marketing agencies or companies create or improve their website visually. Coding specialists work within web development and/or app development teams to create code. While you may not be responsible for an entire project, you will help a team bring an idea to life. Foreign language tutors tend to make $10 to $35 an hour, depending on the demand for the language. Then a job that includes voiceover work, such as narrating instructional videos and stories, will be perfect for you.

Yes, many reputable companies Some Many offer legitimate online remote job opportunities. Though it’s a much lower percentage of workers than those going into the office, a solid chunk of Americans are still clocking in from their houses. According to the most recent data on teleworking from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 3% of the workforce is working completely remotely as of September 30, 2022.

Tips for Success Easy Remote Jobs for College Students

Felicia, a 53-year-old administrator in Arizona who quit her six-figure job over a return-to-office push, previously told Insider that she found she “got a lot more work done” when she was at home. When she went into the office, “I was going home and working four hours because I couldn’t get the work done,” she said. Crafts and refines resumes tailored to highlight a client’s skills and experience for job applications.

Remote Jobs for College Students

You just have to know where to look and what kinds of remote jobs for college students are out there. The pandemic presented challenges for many companies that have paid internship programs. While some businesses paused their hiring of interns, others took up the challenge and developed remote internship opportunities. Catering to current college students and recent graduates, these temporary positions provide an opportunity to gain entry-level work experience. Having a remote job as a college student allows you to earn money and build your experience in a way that works around your life as a student.

Student Financial Advisor – Remote WFH

You may also be required to sync the audio and video and use text to convey sounds too. Since this is more complex than audio transcription, the pay is also higher. There are a lot of busy people out there who need help with various tasks. The student in question has since been banned from Arizona Law’s campus as well as all university activities. Police are still in possession of the gun her friends recovered in April, and this summer, she was red-flagged in the federal NICS database from future gun purchases. For students with a creative bent, graphic designing offers a great opportunity.

Clients for these services are primarily small businesses and start-ups that need extra help but don’t want to hire a full-time employee. Remote data entry jobs require you to take the client’s data in raw form (like survey responses) and entering them into a spreadsheet or other usable form. Please bear in mind that the salary ranges presented here are based on full-time work. As a college student, your salary will likely be pro-rated depending on the hours you actually work.

Requirements of Working Remotely

Joining Virtual Vocations grants you access to our hand-picked remote jobs database. Learn how our service works, browse job leads by location and career category, or search hundreds of hand-screened remote jobs to find legitimate work-at-home job leads that match your skills and background. Resume assessments and writing, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and cover letter writing are available to maximize the success of your remote job applications. Discounts on all services available to subscription members, become one now.

Done, the millennial who left his role rather than return to the office, spent five months without a job. He finally ended up in a role that paid more, but he said making the decision to leave was one of the scarier moments in his life. “The vast majority of jobs that are easy to transition to home work are held by highly educated college-graduate people,” Cowan told Insider.

Help fellow college students write and edit their academic work, from research papers to essays. While previous work experience may not be necessary, academic writers typically have a degree in the field they are assisting with. Virtual assistants, like normal assistants, provide administrative services like scheduling meetings and phone calls, creating and editing documents, sending invoices and handling paperwork. Don’t worry about taking the bus down to the office or even buying a new professional-looking wardrobe.

Remote Jobs for College Students

“The way I see it is work from home is much more like the student lifestyle,” Nick Bloom, a Stanford economist who helped spearhead research on work-from-home time use, previously told Insider. It means that remote workers aren’t necessarily working straight through from nine-to-five, but knocking out chores in the afternoon and logging back on later. Across the world, younger workers are likely to reap the most time savings, with remote workers under the age of 30 getting back nearly 80 minutes a day. Great questions – this article will address everything you need to know about remote jobs, and how you can use one to pay the bills while you study. For many jobs, working from home as a college student requires only a computer and an internet connection. You may also need a high-quality webcam and microphone to tutor or teach English as a second language.

Find Your Remote Job

So, be sure to read the job description carefully to try to identify some of these keywords, which usually show up in the required skills section. The same article also suggests remote workers save between 198 and 343 hours of commute time each year. That’s a lot of time that can be better spent studying or earning a salary. Not only will a remote job help you earn money, but it can also save you money when compared to a regular, non-remote job.

And as a college student, you may think you’re limited to helping other students write papers for class. You could write articles for a website, copy for social media, or even ad copy. The college student who survives on pizza and ramen isn’t necessarily a stereotype. And while working part-time throughout the college years is fairly common, you may not have reliable transportation to get you to an off-campus job, and competition for on- or near-campus jobs can be fierce.


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