James Franco: “I love this zone – between”

Star, blockbuster actor, favorite of spectators. Non -conformist, prose writer, author of artistic concepts, Folkner film adaptator. Intellectual and participant in ordinary comedies. Cashier Guarantor and Experimenter. The face of brands of men’s clothing and visual vessels Marina Abramovich. James Dean and a wizard from the country. Meeting with James Franco, who goes along several roads at once, but stands tight.

Berlin is terrible weather. During Berlinal, in February, it always blows, blows, blows, I want to cry and your own tears mix with drops of cold rain. In any case, the wind is such that the eyes are watery. And when I enter the Tesiro Lounge, organized by the jewelry brand of the VIP-living room of the Berlin festival, I still have not been able to miss myself. And he is completely blurred-an actor-star that awaits me because he came earlier than the appointed time. He wrinkles, and frowns, and does not at all look like that brilliant young man who, it would seem, was created to play wizards and storytellers. It is less tall – just above the average. He is not romantically serious, but smiling, although his eyes rarely smile. He does not gesticulate, there is no artistic attraction in it at all ..

He is the most calm and balanced person in the world, this James Franco. And he is going to this black half -wrapper with a long collar, an imitation of old -fashioned Karakul … I tell him that I saw such collars in childhood on solid communist functionaries and did not expect to see him at the film star and legislator. And Franco explains that this coat wears just from the obligations to the brand of clothing, the face of which is. But no longer complies with any obligations. Rather, it does not take them … So from now on and will be in our conversation: Franco does not so much answer questions as it is in doubt. This, apparently, is one of the main features of his personality – to question everything. What comes out to him quite naturally. In the end, he is not only an actor, but also a prominent figure of contemporary art.

A special way

James Franco was born in 1978 in Palo Alto, California. In 1994, together with his grandmother Mitzi Vern, he travels around Japan, because the favorite writers of the future actor, Jack Keruak and Allen Ginzberg, had experience traveling to exotic countries. At the age of 31, it became one of the heroes of the most long -playing series of the USA “Main Hospital”. The role of Franco is a certain Franco, narcissistic artist. The actor calls this role “ideal performance”. He attributes his participation in the film comic “Spider-Man” to the same category. In 2013, three film adaptations created by the director of Franco: “When I died” and “The noise and rage” of William Folkner, “God of God” Kormak McCarthy began. In all films, Franco starred as an actor. In 2015, as a director and producer, completing work on the film about childhood and rebellious and joyless youth of one of his favorite writers, Charles Bukovsky.

Psychologies: You are called the Renaissance man: you wrote four books of prose, shot as a director of 27 films, among them four full -length ones. You made about 30 films as a producer. We graduated from the University of South California as a philologist, a film school of New York University, and now you write a dissertation in Yale and teach at two universities. You are engaged in contemporary art. And finally, you are a movie star with a huge list of roles and Oscar nomination. How all this can be in time by 36 years?

James Franco: And also, do not forget, I starred in the eighth season of the series “Secret Materials” in the episode “Control shot” as “Officer No. 2”.

Your humor is known on Twitter, but in this case it looks like an attempt to get away from the answer.

J. F.: Yes, because there is no question here. In fact, your question should sound like this: why do you live like that? What am I counting my films, projects, dinners with friends and read books? You think how many films you watched or how many cups for life have beenhed? You conduct such personal statistics? Well, I don’t lead. I live every day and days of life I do not miss. I just live and do something during my life. It turned out that my “cups” just became noticeable. By my age, two of my friends have already raised two children, and this is a much more obvious result. I managed more than I could, because I only do what I wonder. Sometimes I shoot so that there is money to make something. So I played in the “last line” of a terrible villain nicknamed Alligator, who is opposed to the beautiful Jason Steitem, and launched everything earned to the film adaptation of his book “Palo Alto”, and invited Ji Coppol. Just because I liked this thought – the debut in the movie of a young photo artist with genes of the Coppol family, and a film about teenagers, about those for whom there is also a lot for the first time … I live no more intensively than others, I assure you. But unlike others, I had long guessed that I would die. Exactly and irrevocably. Even before the film school, I made a small film about this short. About the boy who had a goldfish who died and so he realized that he was also mortal. He says to his parents: I don’t want to die. He is soothed: do not worry, you have a lot of time ahead. But they can’t finally reassure it. And he comes to the conclusion that he must do everything now. Nothing to postpone. And starts to life. It’s about me. At some point, I just started life and I do not put off anything.

Life is a matter? They do it?

J. F.: Yes, if you understand that walking along an eucalyptus grove and rustling with hard fallen eucalyptus leaves is also a very important thing. Living for me-do not do something, but have desires and realize what I want. Do not wait for a chance when there is an opportunity when circumstances develop. Start the realization of your desires now – that’s what it is to live. It always seemed strange to me how people complicate their path, incorrectly formulating the goal. For example: “I want to become a director”. Well, what the movie you want to make? Or just want to stay in the status of the director? This is an inaccurately formulated goal! I became a director not because I wanted to become a director. I wanted to make a movie. And for this I did not need to study in a film school. I’m not talking about the result – I shot, maybe wretched – I’m about my desire that I realized. But I did not want to play a role, I wanted to become an actor – to have this profession, to earn a living, specific roles did not

have any significance. And so he once threw the university and began to go to the samples.

Let’s talk about it?

In early 2015, three films with the participation of James Franco were released at once and immediately became events. “My name is Michael” Justin Kelly caused a violent discussion, in it Franco is a fighter for the rights of sex minorities, who renounced his homosexuality and became a pastor. And “everything will be fine” Vima Wenders and the “desert queen” of Werner Herzog are doomed to attention already because they are made by modern film classics.


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